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 Recent Publications

Characterization of liquid and solid product from pyrolysis of Pongamia glabra deoiled cake Rahul Singh Chutia, Rupam Kataki, Thallada Bhaskar Bioresource Technology, 165, 336-342, Aug 2014

Cobalt phthalocyanine immobilized on graphene oxide: an efficient visible active catalyst for the photoreduction of carbon dioxide” Pawan Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Bojja Sreedhar, Bir Sain, S S. Ray and Suman L. Jain Chemistry A European J. 20 (20), 6154-6161, May 2014

Facile synthesis of mesoporous aluminosilicate nano particles for selective production of N-benzylidenaniline in solvent –free reaction of aniline with benzyl alcohol Peta Sreenivasan, N Viswanadham, Sandeep K Saxena Journal of Materials Chemistry A: 2 (20),7354-7359, May 2014

Grafting of Rhenium-oxo complex to Schiff base functionalized graphene oxide: an efficient catalyst for the oxidation of amines Suman L Jain, Praveen Kumar Khatri, Shivani Choudhary, Raghuvir Singh and O P Khatri Dalton Trans.43(21),8054-8061, June 2014

Hydrothermal conversion of lignin to substituted phenols and aromatic ethers Rawel Singh, Aditya Prakash, Shashi Kumar Dhiman, Bhavya Balagurumurthy, Ajay K. Arora, S.K. Puri, Thallada Bhaskar Bioresource Technology, 165, 319-322, Aug 2014

Hydrothermal deoxygenation of graphene oxide in sub- and supercritical water Harshal P Mungse, Om P Sharma, Hiroyuki Sugimura, O P Khatri RSC Advances 4(43),22589-22595,Oct 2014

Preparation of CuCr2O4 Spinel Nanoparticles Catalyst for Selective Oxidation of Toluene to Benzaldehyde Shankha Shubhra Acharyya, Shilpi Ghosh, Ritesh Tiwari, Bipul Sarkar, Rajib Kumar Singha, Chandrashekar Pendem, Takehiko Sasaki, Rajaram Bal* Green Chemistry 16(5), 2500-2508, May 2014

Selective Oxidation of Cyclohexene to Adipic Acid over Silver supported Tungsten Oxide nanostructure catalyst Shilpi Ghosh, Shankha, Shubhra Acharyya, Shubhadeep Adak, L. N. Sivakumar Konathala, Takehiko Sasaki, Rajaram Bal* Green Chemistry 16(5), 2826-2834, May 2014

Selective Oxidation of Propylene to Propylene Oxide over Silver-Supported Tungsten Oxide Nanostructure with Molecular Oxygen Shilpi Ghosh, Shankha S Acharyya, Ritesh Tiwari, Bipul Sarkar, Rajib K Singha, Chandrashekar Pandem, Takehiko Sasaki, Rajaram Bal ACS Catalysis 4 (7), 2169-2174, July 2014

Synthesis of orderly nanoporous aluminophosphate and zirconium phosphate materials and their catalytic applications Peta Srinivasulu, N Viswanadham, Trymbkesh Sharma, B Sreedhar Chemical Communications 50 (47), 6232-6235, June 2014

TiO2 immobilized Ru(II) polyazine complex: a visible-light active photoredox catalyst for oxidative cyanation of tertiary amines Pawan Kumar, Sanny Verma and Suman L. Jain Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2(13),4514-4519, April 2014

Use of Polymers/ Waste Rubber in Road Network Development in Uttarakhand State Kamal Kumar, Anand Singh, S K Maity, Sandeep Negi IOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry 7 (6), Ver. I. 28-35, Jun. 2014

Magnetically separable palladium-graphene nanocomposite as heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of 2-alkylquinolines via one pot reaction of anilines with alkenyl ethers Sanny Verma, Deepak Verma, Suman L. Jain Tetrahedron Letters, 55,(15) 2406-2409, April 2014

Catalytic Oxidation of Aniline to Azoxybenzene Over CuCr2O4 Spinel Nanoparticle Catalyst Shankha S Acharyya, Shilpi Ghosh, Rajaram Bal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (4) 584-589, April 2014

Photoreduction of CO2 to methanol with hexanuclear molybdenum [Mo6Br14]2− cluster units under visible light irradiation Subodh Kumar, Pawan; Kumar, Stephane Cordier, Serge Paofai, Rabah Boukherroub, Suman L Jain RSC Advances 4(20),10420-10423, May 2014

Reactive extraction of non-edible oil seeds for biodiesel production Savita Kau, Richa Singhal,Babita Behera, . Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research 73 (4) 235-242, April 2014

An easy base assisted synthesis of unsymmetrical carbonates from alcohols with dimethyl carbonate. Subodh Kumar and Suman L. Jain Monatshefte fur Chemie - Chemical Monthly 145(5), 791-795, May 2014


  Welcome to CSIR-IIP

CSIR-IIP, an ISO 9001:2008 institute, is a national laboratory under CSIR  which carries out research and development for downstream sector of the hydrocarbon industry.We have developed and transferd more than fifty technologies to industry, in the area of petroleum refining, natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals and utilization of petroleum products.

We assist refineries in value addition of petroleum products, provides technical services to the petroleum industry, impart training to the personnel, assists BIS in formulation of standards for petroleum products and conducts techno-economic feasibility studies & market demand surveys of petroleum products.

 Research Highlights
MOFs: CO2 Adsorption
MOFs are new class of adsorbent material exhibits strong potential for CO2...
Ionic Liquids: Energy Efficient Lubricants
Halogen free ionic liquids based on chelated orthoborate anions found to have excellent lubricity in term of friction and...
Biofuels for aviation
Catalyst systems and process package to obtain kerosene range hydrocarbons (Jet A-1) from oils such as those from Jatropha...
Desulfurization of Residual Fuel Oil
Innovative non-hydrodesulphurization route such as oxidative desulfurization and microwave / ultrasound assisted oxidative...
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