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 Recent Publications

Algae based biorefinery-How to make sense? Jayati Trivedi, Mounika Aila,D P Bangwal, Savita Kaul, M O Garg Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 47, 295-307, July 2015

Heterostructured nanocomposite tin phthalocyanine@mesoporous ceria (SnPc@CeO2) for photoreduction of CO2 in visible light Pawan Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Raghuvir Singh, Sandeep Saran and Suman L. Jain RSC Adv, 5(53), 42414-42421, July 2015

Value addition to rice straw through pyrolysis in hydrogen and nitrogen environments Bhavya Balagurumurthy, Vartika Srivastava, Vinit, Jitendra Kumar, Bijoy Biswas, Rawel Singh, Piyush Gupta, K L N. Shiva Kumar, Raghuvir Singh, T Bhaskar Bioresource Technology 188, 273-279, July 2015

Conversion of rice straw to monomeric phenols under supercritical methanol and ethanol Rawel Singh, Vartika Srivastava, Kajal Chaudhary, Piyush Gupta, Aditya Prakash, Bhavya Balagurumurthy, T Bhaskar Bioresource Technology 188, 280-286, July 2015

Derivatizing L-histidine to develop a novel additive for a polyol-based biolubricant Rajkumar Singh, Shubham Pandey, R C Saxena, G D Thakre, Neeraj Atray , S S Ray New J. Chem. 39(7), 5354-5359, July 2015

Potassium ion cationized polyether cyanide [K+{PEG}CN-] as a novel cyanide source for oxidative cyanation of tertiary amines Vineeta Panwar, S S Ray, Suman L Jain Tetrahedron Letters 56(28) 4184-4186, July 2015

Dual catalysis with magnetic chitosan: direct synthesis of cyclic carbonates from olefins with carbon dioxide using isobutyraldehyde as sacrificial reductant Subodh Kumar, Nikita Singhal, Raj Kumar Singh, Piyush Gupta, Raghuvir Singh, Suman L Jain, Dalton Transaction 44 (26), 11860-11866, July 2015

Efficacies of novel Gemini compounds derived from dibasic acids as multifunctional additives for tribological applications Neha Karanwal, Praveen Khatri, Sandeep; Joshi, G D Thakre, R C Saxena, Savita Kaul,Suman L Jain Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 54(27),6831-6835, July 2015

Oxidative coupling of aniline and desulfurization over nitrogen rich mesoporous carbon Reena Goyal, Deepa Dumbre, L. N. Sivakumar Konathala, Monica Pandey, Ankur Bordoloi Catalysis Sci & Technol. 5(7), 3632-3638, July 2015

Metal–support interactions in surface-modified Cu–Co catalysts applied in higher alcohol synthesis Ankur Bordoloi, Johan Anton, Holger Ruland, Martin Muhler and Stefan Kaluza Catalysis Sci & Techno. 5(7), 3603-3612, July 2015

Hydrothermal liquefaction of agricultural and forest biomass residue: Comparative study Rawel Singh, Aditya Prakash, Bhavya Balagurumurthy, Raguvir Singh, Sandeep Saran, Thallada Bhaskar Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 17(3), 442-452, July 2015

Prospects of 2,5-dimethylfuran as a fuel: physico-chemical and engine performance characteristics evaluation M K Shukla, Eshan Singh, Nishan Singh, S K Singal, Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 17(3), 459-464. July 2015

Resinous Species as Source of Biofuels K V Padmaja, Neeraj Atheya, K. K. Singh Energy Sources, Part A: 37(13) 1392-1396, July 2015

Mesoporous TUD-1 supported indium oxide nanoparticles for epoxidation of styrene using molecular O2 Sumbul Rahman, Saleem A. Farooqui, Aditya Rai, Rawesh Kumar, Chiranjit Santra, V C. Prabhakaran, G R Bhadu, Debasis Sen, S. Mazumder, Sudip Maity, A K. Sinha, Biswajit Chowdhury RSC Adv.5 (58), 46850-46860, July 2015

Removal of refractive sulfur and aromatic compounds from straight-run, fluidized catalytic cracking, and coker gas oil using N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone in batch and packed-bed extractors Sunil Kumar, V C Srivastava, Rohit Raghuvanshi, S M Nanoti, Nisha Sudhir Energy & Fuels 29(7), 4634-4643, July 2015

High-level expression, purification and characterization of carbazole dioxygenase, a three components dioxygenase, of Pseudomonas GBS.5 Samiya Khan, D. K. Adhikari, Sanjay Gupta, Nidhi Gupta Biotechnology Letters July 2015

Biocatalytic green approach for epoxidation of fatty compounds derived from soyadeodistillate under acid free conditions Sunil K Suman, Manisha Dhawaria, Jyoti Porwal, Mounika Aila, Neha Karanwal, Babita Behera, Savita Kaul, Sanjoy Ghosh, Suman L Jain, RSC Advances 5(66), 53708-53712, Aug 2015

Nitrogen-doped graphene-supported copper complex: a novel photocatalyst for CO2 reduction under visible light irradiation Pawan Kumar, Harshal P. Mungse, O P. Khatri, Suman L. Jain* RSC Advances 5(68), 54929-54935, Aug 2015

A vapor phase adsorptive desulfurization process for producing ultra low sulphur diesel using NiY zeolite as a regenerable adsorbent Soumen Dasgupta, Swapnil Divekar, Aarti Arya, Pushpa Gupta, Rekha Chauhan, Sonal Bhadauria, Aamir Hanif, M O Garg, Anshu Nanoti RSC Adv.5,(69) 56060-56066, 2015

Selective oxidation of n-hexane by Cu (II) nanoclusters supported on nanocrystalline zirconia catalyst Shankha Shubhra Acharyya, Shilpi Ghosh, Shubhadeep Adak, Raghuvir Singh, Sandeep Saran, Rajaram Bal Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15(8), 5816-5822, Aug 2015


  Welcome to CSIR-IIP

CSIR-IIP, an ISO 9001:2008 institute, is a national laboratory under CSIR  which carries out research and development for downstream sector of the hydrocarbon industry.We have developed and transferd more than fifty technologies to industry, in the area of petroleum refining, natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals and utilization of petroleum products.

We assist refineries in value addition of petroleum products, provides technical services to the petroleum industry, impart training to the personnel, assists BIS in formulation of standards for petroleum products and conducts techno-economic feasibility studies & market demand surveys of petroleum products.

 Research Highlights
MOFs: CO2 Adsorption
MOFs are new class of adsorbent material exhibits strong potential for CO2...
Ionic Liquids: Energy Efficient Lubricants
Halogen free ionic liquids based on chelated orthoborate anions found to have excellent lubricity in term of friction and...
Biofuels for aviation
Catalyst systems and process package to obtain kerosene range hydrocarbons (Jet A-1) from oils such as those from Jatropha...
Desulfurization of Residual Fuel Oil
Innovative non-hydrodesulphurization route such as oxidative desulfurization and microwave / ultrasound assisted oxidative...
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