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Bio Fuels

Welcome to the Biofuels Division of CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP), Dehradun. For the last fifty years CSIR-IIP is providing solutions in downstream petroleum refining sector in terms of innovation, technology, process and many more. By the time when petroleum crude have not attracted spotlight as a going to be extinct entity, CSIR-IIP had started its’ research programme on alternative resources of transportation fuel. This Division has the rich tradition of research in the development of processes and specialty products starting from renewable resources.

The division is dedicated to confer technology package aligning with biorefinery concept. The members of this Division are actively involved in working on fundamental and applied aspects related to

Biotechnology conversion
Chemical conversion
Thermocatalytic conversion processes
Biofuel modeling.

The Division has a large number of projects sponsored by the Government funding agencies as well as the private industries and has collaborative projects with national and international organizations and institutes. The impact of the Division’s research efforts can be gauged by a large number of highly cited publications and patents.

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