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Conversions & Catalysis

This Division has an illustrious history in sharing the CSIR tradition of excellence, and has acclaimed national leadership in catalysis research of industrial relevance. The Division’s strong record of achievement is based on its pioneering advances in catalysis research related to petroleum refining technology and its close relationship to government and industry. Many fundamental discoveries made in the Division have found their way into commercial applications in hydrocarbon industry ranging from bi-metallic (Pt-Re) balanced reforming catalyst, skewed reforming catalyst, and catalyst for ultra deep desulphurization of gas oil. 

The Division currently has 5 research areas and comprises of more than a dozen scientists, all of whom participate in active research and CSIR-post graduate research education programme. Its research area spans the breadth of catalysis especially in petroleum refining and includes state-of-the-art laboratories in the area of  Nanocatalysis, Hydroprocessing, Fluid Catalytic Cracking along with Light Stock Processing and Catalytic Reforming. Specialized areas such as  Natural Gas Conversion is also covered. Collaborative research and linkages with national and trans-national organizations is a major strength of Division.

Most of the on-going research activities are well aligned with priority sectors of CSIR such as Energy along with Chemistry and Environment. In particular, renewable energy including solar energy, clean transportation fuels and development of greener catalytic processes reflect the Division’s current research strengths as well as its vision for the future direction of its research programs. The impact of the Division’s research efforts can be gauged by a large number of highly cited publications and patents as well as the prestigious laurels received by its members.

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