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Analytical Sciences

Welcome to the Analytical Sciences Division (ASD) of the Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP), Dehradun. This comprises various research areas such as crude evaluation, micro & standard analysis, chromatography, spectroscopy (NMR,UV-VIS, FTIR) – DSC-CFPP, trace metal & SEM, XRD-TG-DTA, GC-MSD & bio-product testing . The division has a very strong position in the institute in terms of analyzing various petroleum products, advanced materials, catalysts, polymers, etc. from within and outside of the institute.

This Division has the rich knowledge base, expertise, resources in the area of analysing and evaluating petroleum products and materials and has developed several testing protocols, product data bases and contributed in several process-product and technological developments to petroleum refining and allied industries.

Besides giving scientific inputs to analyses, the scientific staffs are actively involved in both fundamental and applied research in characterization and molecular level understandings in complex and newer products by using different instrumental facilities, evaluating and testing of different crude oils and their products, biomass derived products.
The Division has 8 scientists and 19 scientific/technical officers involved in a large number of projects both in basic and applied research nature sponsored by various government agencies and industries. This division has a modern crude evalution & testing facility and a National Bio-product testing facility.

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