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Standard Bid Document  (This document is applicable for all the following Tenders)
BG Format for EMD & PBG
Finalized tender > 10 Lakhs
Work awarded since 1.4.2014(Civil & Electrical Works)

Tender No: 03/2018-19 (PUR/1/18-19/76/AN/SPD/PO)

Pressure Swing Adsorption Based Nitrogen Generation and Bottling Plant

Closing Date: 04-Jul-2018

Date of Publication: 20-May-2018

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Tender No: 04/2018-19 (PUR/1/18-19/73/DVN/CCD/PO)

Fluidized Bed Reactor Setup

Closing Date: 27-Jun-2018

Date of Publication: 04-Jun-2018

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Tender No: PUR/05/18-19/RC/Medicine

Rate Contract of Medicines (Tender ID-2018_CSIR_11743_1)

Closing Date: 26-Jun-2018

Date of Publication: 14-Jun-2018

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